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From: Steve Earl

Orem, UT

Dear Future Investor's Agent,

I'm thrilled to offer you a copy of our groundbreaking book, "The Investor's Blueprint: Unlock the Secret to Rapid Income Growth and Market-Proof Success for Everyday Agents," and guess what? This invaluable resource is yours for FREE. I only ask that you cover the printing and shipping costs—just $9.95 for U.S. addresses or $19.95 for international shipping.

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Here are a few good reasons:

1. Gratitude: This is my way of giving back and saying thank you for being part of our community.

2. Real Value: Unlike others who make their fortune selling advice, I've built my success on actual real estate investing and helping others do the same. Sharing my best insights doesn't hurt my bottom line—it reinforces my commitment to real value.

3. Long-term Relationship: By getting this book into your hands, I'm confident you'll find actionable strategies and insights that work. I believe that once you see the potential for yourself, you'll be eager to dive deeper into the Investor's Agent Academy and everything else we have to offer.

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Steve Earl

P.S. If you're the type to skip to the end (I get it, I do that too), here's the deal: I'm offering you my book, "Investor's Agent Blueprint," absolutely free. All I ask is that you cover the shipping. There's no hidden agenda or catches. And if you don't love it, I'll refund your shipping cost. So, why wait? Click the button below and get started on your journey to becoming an Investor's Agent. You won't regret it.

After Reading "Investor's Agent Bluprint" you’ll walk away knowing...

  • ​The secrets to transforming your real estate business into a perpetual profit machine by specializing as an Investor's Agent.

  • How to utilize the Moneyball Real Estate System to unlock rapid income growth and ensure market-proof success in any economic climate.

  • Step-by-step strategies for attracting and retaining investment-focused clients, resulting in more transactions and higher commissions.

  • The blueprint for conducting annual Game Plan Reviews to foster long-term client relationships and secure a continuous stream of referrals and repeat business.

Learning to be an Investor's Agent is your gateway to market-proof commissions. Step inside and let’s get moving...


My real estate career was sparked by a fascination with home flipping, which I initially saw as my ticket to greater wealth. However, after several projects, I realized the true financial rewards lay not in the labor-intensive world of renovations but in the strategic side of real estate investment.

I launched the Earl Report, a weekly newsletter spotlighting high-potential yet overlooked properties, which quickly gained traction among eager investors. My approach to real estate investment, characterized by strategic buying and holding, as well as his unique ability to simplify complex investment processes, has distinguished me in the field.

In my career, I've orchestrated over 5,000 single-family investment property transactions, amassing millions in real estate commissions and profoundly transforming the financial destinies of countless clients. Within the pages of this book, I'm sharing the entirety of my strategy and the exact steps I've taken to build this remarkable success.

There Is No Catch!

100% Money-Back Guarantee

​No Questions asked...

Here’s a Look at What You’ll Discover When You Get Your Digital Copy of Write with AI…

  • Uncover the blueprint to transforming average buyers into serial investors, exponentially growing your real estate business.

  • Learn how to implement the Moneyball Real Estate System, a proven method for securing profitable investment properties.

  • Discover the secrets to generating consistent leads and closing deals by becoming a market-proof Investor’s Agent.

  • Master the art of conducting Annual Game Plan Reviews to keep clients engaged and planning their next investment move.

  • Navigate the transition from traditional real estate sales to specializing in investment properties with ease and confidence.

  • Find out how to utilize the Investor's Agent Digital Marketing Software (IA DMS) to automate and amplify your marketing efforts.

  • Explore strategies for establishing yourself as the go-to expert in real estate investment within your market.

  • Gain insights into crafting compelling narratives that turn cold leads into lifelong clients and vocal advocates.

  • Unveil the tactics for leveraging the DFY National Investment Platform to expand your services beyond local markets.

  • Tap into the methodology for creating a perpetual profit machine, ensuring a sustainable and thriving future in real estate investment.

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There's NO hidden "continuity program" - and in case you're wondering why I'm doing this...

Well, there are actually a few reasons...

1. Its my way of saying thank you for being a dedicated subscriber.

2. Because (unlike other "guru's") I don't make all of my money teaching others how to make money (I actually run a real publishing company that does this every day for our clients)... so because of that, it doesn't hurt me to share with you my best stuff.

3. I get another one of my products in your hands, and when you see how awesome it is, it should get you excited to buy other stuff from me in the future.

​4. You might want my help... I'm not going to lie. I’ve held nothing back in this book but there is WORK involved. For some busy entrepreneurs it’s easier to simply work with an expert that does this for clients every day. If that is you then great. If not, then you get all my secrets in this book.

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Fair deal, right? So, what are you waiting for?

​Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

This Is Truly A Limited Offer,

So Claim Your Digital Copy Now Before They're All Gone...

Steve Earl